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She Said No From In June 2001 Christopher K. McCarthy, 22, of Concord, New Hampshire, US soldier stationed in South Korea was convicted of killing Kim Song-hui, 32 and sentenced to eight years in prison. He paid about $100 with a credit card for sex with the woman, she refused. She Said No I want to know how that feels rampant power, blind entitlement, all wrapped up in six starred and striped inches of bludgeoning penis. Korean waitress equals receptacle for GI sperm, sewer for American relief, what made her think she could choose? She said no so I hit her I hit her again and she fell so I kicked her I kicked her again and I want to know how that feels: rage rises fist in groin, torpedoes belly, pythons intestines, sprouts two wings like god’s own angels, thunders bullets through hands and feet. I want to know what it takes to beat a woman to death. Did she count her savings that day? Promise her son: tomorrow if I catch enough tips, tomorrow we’ll buy your schoolclothes, and yes, maybe this summer we’ll go see your grandparents in the village…… Duh. I forgot she’s nameless, faceless, voiceless. Breasts, hips, vagina. Slick black hair and slick red mouth and open legs and – hang on: she refused to have sex with him? She refused? Did the earth stop turning? Did the sun go out? Did the stars and stripes freeze on the flagpole, shatter in the darkness? She was a gook! You know the plot - why do I have to repeat it? He has a name. She has none. He has a rank, a gun, family, church, hometown, high-school girlfriend, He’s the hero! She’s a walk-on. So he had to kill her. What else could he do? She was changing the story. I want to know how it feels, when the story is you: roots in your groin, flowers up your belly, tendrils your intestines, blossoms two wings like god’s holy angels, testifies righteous bullets through hands and feet.
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Patel+-+She+Said+No - She Said No From...

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