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Social Action Project – HW #2 Name: Shashank Gupta Due, Thursday April 1 st , 2010 1. What is your topic? Fighting against equal pay for unequal work in the field of tennis 2. How has this topic affected you or someone that you know? I am a Tennis enthusiast and I do not like the fact that a lengthier men’s game has the same prize money as a shorter women’s game. 3. What is the current situation of this topic that concerns you? In other words, what’s currently wrong? Equal pay for unequal amount of work for different genders in the field of Tennis 4. In an ideal world, how would this situation be different? In an ideal world, Men and Women’s tennis would have different prize money for the winners because men’s tennis is a best of 5 set game and women’s tennis is a best of 3 set game. 5. What are some achievable steps that could be taken to improve the current situation? Women’s games be extended and made best of 5 set games instead of best of 3 or there be a 40% cut in the women’s prize money. 6. What organizations or persons could affect social change around this topic?
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Social+Action+Project+HW2+-+Spring+2010 - Social Action...

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