women - pouring tea

women - pouring tea - some of our discussions in class....

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Shashank Gupta 04/05/2010 Ashley Falzetti Women, Culture, and Society Extra Credit - Pouring Tea This play related to many of the topics that we have talked about in class. One of the stories in the play was of a gay boy who carried around a knife with him and hit anyone with it who troubled him excessively. Once the word spread around, none of the kids bothered him because they knew that the “gay little sissy” was a mean one. This relates to our discussion of male insecurity and how it only acts upon situations that makes the individual’s ego happy. When the bullies started to hear about his violent stories, they stopped troubling him because if they tried and were unsuccessful they would feel incompetent. So to avoid that situation itself they stopped troubling him. There is another character in his play that reminded me of
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Unformatted text preview: some of our discussions in class. This man was confused about his sexuality. He tried to defy it as much as he can. He tried to be normal but no one would understand his pain because he kept all his feelings to himself. He blamed God for making him the way he is. His liberating moment came when he confessed his sexuality to his 4 year old son. He told his son that if he had any questions about his father he should come to him and no one else. I thought this was one of the saddest stories in the play and I think it has a strong correlation to the poem which discussed the dilemma of a father who did not want a son because he did not want his son to be a weak link like him....
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women - pouring tea - some of our discussions in class....

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