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Marketing Final –

Marketing Final – - M arketing Final 1 Two...

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Marketing Final – 1. Two major issues that contribute to consumers hesitancy to use online shopping are: a. Privacy and security. 2. You are the team leader for a large project that is due at the end of the term. You access which tasks must be done before others can begin and which tasks can be done at the same time. You assign team members to each task and plot out the week each task will occur during the term. All of this information is then put on a ____ a graphical respresntation of the program schedule you have crafted. a. Gantt Chart. 3. The practice of changing prices for products in real time in response to supply and demand condition is referred to as ___. a. Dynamic pricing. 4. Dreamwork’s CEO Katzenberg considered ___ the company’s first __ movie “a real revolution” it was so important that all future Dreamworks movies would incorporate this technology. a. Monsters vs. Aliens: 3D 5. Hierachy of effects refers to: a. The sequence of stages a prospective buyer goes through from initial awareness of a product to eventual action (either trial or adoption of the product) stages include awareness, interest, evaluation, trial and adoption.
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6. Which of the following statements regarding cold canvassing is most accurate? a. Some 75% of US consumers consider cold canvassing as an intrusion to their privacy. 7. Emphasizing consistently low prices and eliminating most markdowns or sales is refereed to as an ___ strategy. a. Everyday low pricing. 8. What is the standard for measuring a meaningful marketspace company presence? a.
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Marketing Final – - M arketing Final 1 Two...

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