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Shashank Gupta George Harry 10/27/10 Individual Case Assignment John Deere and Complex Parts, Inc. 1. Summarizes the case and the issues. This case is about the performance evaluation of a supplier, Complex Parts, who has been supplying goods to John Deere. The evaluation team is considering switching their business to a different supplier. Complex Parts has been taking a very proactive approach at John Deere because they want to increase business with them. However, recently, Complex Parts came under scrutiny for various reasons from failing to delivering goods on time to not properly communicating with the customer service group and implementing the Deere Quality Plan at their new facility. These circumstances have led the evaluation team to a dilemma of whether to stick with Complex Parts or switch to a different supplier. 2. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of John Deere’s Achieving Excellence Program. Consider and discuss other criteria to include in the analysis? 1. Strengths of the AEP Program are as follows: 1. The AEP program is segmented well, so it covers all the essential areas that an evaluation program should cover 2. They covered components that would lead to John Deere’s competitive advantage 3. The program has a good quantitative way of measuring Quality and Delivery
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Individual Case - Shashank Gupta George Harry Individual...

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