GuptaShashankhw6 - T he M ovie C asting P roblem . A H...

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Unformatted text preview: T he M ovie C asting P roblem . A H ollyw ood M ovie studio is looking for actors, actresses, and one fem ale a new m ovie. A list o f prospective artists is given below . A lso the binary decision variable indicating w he artist are hired or not are given (X for lead actor/actress, Y for support actor/actress, and Z for singers). Fo Y CR =1 if R ussell C row is hired as a support actor, and Y CR =0 if he is not. In addition the salary dem anded artist (in m illio ns of dollars) is provided along with a projected value added score w hich is a num ber fro m evaluating each artists projected value to the m ovie. T he studio has a budget of $30 m illio n. T hey w ant to subset of these artists to m axim ize the project value without going over budget. T hey assum e that the proj value is additive, that is the value of the m ovie equals the sum of the values o f each participant. W hen cho m em bers, the producers m ust take a num ber of conditions into consideration w hich are given in w orkshee addition the follo w ing conditions A n actor can not be chosen for both the lead and support m ale roles. A lso an actress cannot be ch both the lead and support fem ale roles. H ow ever, an actress w ho can sing could be chosen to bot sing if necessary. E xactly one actor m ust be chosen for the lead m ale role and one actress for the lead fem ale role. exactly one actor is chosen for the support m ale role and exactly tw o actresses for the support fem Finally exactly one singer m ust be chosen. (So you need 5 separate constraints here.) A ctor B enjam in B rat and actress Julia R oberts used to date each other and then they broke up. So aw kw ardness both of them together should not be hired. A ctor B rad P itt and actress A ngelina Jolie are m arried. T hey have m ade it clear to producers that both or neither one should be hired. Jenifer Lopez has stated that she w ill only sing in the m ovie if she is also hired as an actress (she how ever that she is w illing to act in the m ovie even if she is not chosen to sing in it.) T he directors have stated that if Julia R oberts is the supporting actress or D enzel W ashington is t actor, then M adonna should be hired as the singer....
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GuptaShashankhw6 - T he M ovie C asting P roblem . A H...

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