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George Mason University School of Management Project Peer Evaluation Form MBA 643 Fall, 2009 AWARD AN INDIVIDUAL IN YOUR GROUP SOME NUMBER OF POINTS BETWEEN 0 AND 100: Consider the following as you determine points for your peers: 1. Did the individual show up for the team meeting? 2. Did the individual show up on time for the session? 3. Did the individual actively participate in the team effort? 4. Did the individual shoulder appropriate responsibilities in preparing for the team’s background assessment, analysis, and class presentations? 5. Did the individual require undue coaxing to do his/her part? 6. Did the individual have an appropriate level of interest and commitment in and for the project/team? 7. Did the individual cause conflict or turmoil in the team?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Did the individual effectively communicate with others in the team? 9. Did the individual help his/her peers perform at a higher level ? 10. Did the individual do as much or more than you ? NAMES OF INDIVIDUALS BEING EVALUATED POINTS __________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________ ___________________________________________ ____________________ SELF: _____________________________________ ____________________ REMARKS/COMMENTS?...
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