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X X OMB Control No. 1505-0080 AWARD/CONTRACT 1. THIS CONTRACT IS A RATED ORDER RATING PAGE OF PAGES UNDER DPAS (15 CFR 350) 1 94 2. CONTRACT (Proc. Inst. Ident.) NO. 3. EFFECTIVE DATE 4. REQUISITION/PURCHASE REQUEST/PROJECT NO. TIRSE-05-C-00003 08/01/2005 D-5-D9-13-DD-A00 000 5. ISSUED BY CODE IRS0010 6. ADMINISTERED BY (If other than Item 5) CODE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE Southeast Procurement Branch (A:P:F:SE) 2888 Woodcock Blvd Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30341 JAMES R BROWN 404-338-9219 See Item 5 PLEASE SEE “HELPFUL HINTS” FROM SEVEN STEPS TEAM AT END OF DOCUMENT. 7. NAME AND ADDRESS OF CONTRACTOR (No. street, county, state and ZIP Code) GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF NORTH GEORGIA INC 2201 GLENWOOD AVE SE ATLANTA, GA 303166231 JERRY K. HISE 404-486-8447 Vendor Id: 00069214 Cage Code:4Z078 Tax ID#: 580566193 8. DELIVERY FOB ORIGIN OTHER (See below) 9. DISCOUNT FOR PROMPT PAYMENT Terms: 0% Days: 0 Net: 30 10. SUBMIT INVOICES (4 copies unless other- ITEM CODE FACILITY CODE 11. SHIP TO/MARK FOR CODE 30341006 12. PAYMENT WILL BE MADE BY CODE INVB030 Internal Revenue Service 4800 Buford Highway, Stop 20 Chamblee, GA 30341 IRS Beckley Finance Center P.O. Box 9002 Tel: (304) 256-6000 Beckley, WV 25802 13. AUTHORITY FOR USING OTHER FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION: 10 U.S.C. 2304(c) ( ) 41 U.S.C. 253(c) ( ) 14. ACCOUNTING AND APPROPRIATION DATA multiple accounting - see schedule 15A. ITEM NO. 15B. SUPPLIES/SERVICES 15C. QUANTITY 15D. UNIT 15E. UNIT PRICE 15F. AMOUNT See Attached Schedule(s) 15G. TOTAL AMOUNT OF CONTRACT $ 227,448.60 16. TABLE OF CONTENTS ( ü ) SEC. DESCRIPTION PAGE(S)( ü ) SEC. DESCRIPTION PART I - THE SCHEDULE PART II - CONTRACT CLAUSES X A SOLICITATION/CONTRACT FORM 1 X I CONTRACT CLAUSES 12 X B SUPPLIES OR SERVICES AND PRICE/COST 5 PART III - LIST OF DOCUMENTS, EXHIBITS AND OTHER ATTACH. C DESCRIPTION/SPECS./WORK STATEMENT 20 J LIST OF ATTACHMENTS 35 D PACKAGING AND MARKING 1 PART IV - REPRESENTATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS E INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE 4 K REPRESENTATIONS, CERTIFICATIONS F DELIVERIES OR PERFORMANCE 2 AND OTHER STATEMENTS OF OFFERORS 1 G CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION DATA 3 L INSTRS., CONDS., AND NOTICES TO OFFERORS H SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS 6 EVALUATION FACTORS FOR AWARD CONTRACTING OFFICER WILL COMPLETE ITEM 17 OR 18 AS APPLICABLE 17. CONTRACTOR’S NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT (Contractor is required to sign this document and return _____1_______ copies to issuing office.) Contractor agrees to furnish and deliver all items or perform all the services set forth or otherwise identified above and on any continuation sheets for the consideration stated herein. The rights and obligations of the parties to this contract shall be subject to and governed by the following documents: (a) this award/contract, (b) the solicitation, if any, and (c) such provisions, representations, certifications, and specifications, as are attached or incorporated by reference herein. (Attachments are listed herein.) 18. AWARD (Contractor is not required to sign this document.) Your offer on Solicitation Number __________________________________________, including the additions or changes made by you which additions or changes are set forth in full above, is hereby accepted as to the items listed above and on any continuation sheets. This award consummates the contract which
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IRS_CustodialGroundsMaint - X X AWARD/CONTRACT 2. CONTRACT...

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