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Ch 2 Student Discussion Questions

Ch 2 Student Discussion Questions - successful project...

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CHAPTER 2 The Project Management and Information Technology Context DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. What does it mean to take a systems view of a project? How does taking a systems view of a project apply to project management? 2. Explain the four frames of organizations. How can they help project managers understand the organizational context for their projects? 3. Briefly explain the differences between functional, matrix, and project organizations. Describe how each structure affects the management of the project. 4. Describe how organizational culture is related to project management. What type of culture promotes a strong project environment? 5. Discuss the importance of top management commitment and the development of standards for
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Unformatted text preview: successful project management. Provide examples to illustrate the importance of these items based on your experience on any type of project 6. What are the phases in a traditional project life cycle? How does a project life cycle differ from a product life cycle? Why does a project manager need to understand both? 7. What makes information technology projects different from other types of projects? How should project managers adjust to these differences? 8. Define globalization, outsourcing, and virtual teams and describe how these trends are changing IT project management....
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