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Sample EVM

Sample EVM - for this project cost less than planned The...

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Earned Value Management The planned value (PV) for this project is $156,579. This estimate is computed based on the planned costs associated with hardware as well as support staff and team wages. A reserve of 20% has also been added in to account for any unknown costs. It was calculated that the actual cost of the project was $130,482. For the first month, the rate of performance was 100% because all work was performed and completed on schedule. The second and third month, the rate of performance was 95% because not all planned activities were completed exactly as planned. The cost variance ended up being $20,842 which means that actually performing all of the tasks
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Unformatted text preview: for this project cost less than planned. The scheduled variance (SV) for this project is -5.255. This means that that project actually took longer than expected. However, the variance is not so high because for the most part, the project team stayed on task and completed everything on time or very close to planned time with a schedule performance index (SPI) of 96.644 percent. The project estimate at completion (EAC) is $135,014. That is a significant difference from the planned value of $156,579. The estimated time to complete the project is 93.13 days instead of the planned 3 months (90 days)....
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