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Sample Project SSI charter

Sample Project SSI charter - Communication between SSI and...

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Project Charter Project Title : GCS Smart ID Project Project Start Date: January 1, 2010 Projected Finish Date: April 1, 2010 Budget Information: Bottom-Up cost estimation by WBS element to create cost baseline. See Cost Management Project Manager: Donia Ghorab, 703-555-1234, [email protected] Project Objectives: Procurement of components required to assemble complete product being installed in target location Assembly of components procured to install in target location Installation of assembled components in target location Ensuring Quality of finished product delivered Supporting product defects and quality issues Main Project Success Criteria:
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Unformatted text preview: Communication between SSI and GCS through project • Efficient SCM • Compatibility of product with existing system. Approach: • Lean, efficient delivery of objectives • Cost effective strategy Roles and Responsibilities Role Name Organization/ Position Contact Information Project Manager Donia Ghorab SSI/CEO [email protected] Technician Lead Usman Aziz SSI/Technical Lead [email protected] Consultant Saad Ali SSI/VP [email protected] QA Chris Tellez SSI/ Quality Engineer [email protected] Administrative Younness Naim SSI/HR Manager [email protected] Sign-off: (Signature 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 SEE PRINTED VERSION) Comments: (see printed version)...
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  • Fall '10
  • Project Management, target location, Responsibilities Role Project Manager Technician Lead Consultant QA Administrative, Donia Ghorab Usman Aziz Saad Ali Chris Tellez Younness Naim, ID Project Project, SSI.com Project Objectives

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