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Sample SSI client_acceptance

Sample SSI client_acceptance - *see printed version 1 Was...

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Client Acceptance/Project Completion Form Project Name: __GCS Smart Card Project_____________________ Project Manager: __Donia Ghorab________________________________ I (We), the undersigned, acknowledge and accept delivery of the work completed for this project on behalf of our organization. My (Our) signature(s) attest to my (our) agreement that this project has been completed. No further work should be done on this project. Name Title Signature Date Chief Executive GCS
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Unformatted text preview: *see printed version 4/4/09 1. Was this project completed to your satisfaction? Yes No 2. Please provide the main reasons for your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with this project. a. Quality of product and labor were amazing b. Professionalism of SSI 3. Please provide suggestions on how our organization could improve its project delivery capability in the future. a. Over project time estimate so to not deliver late. Thank you for your inputs....
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