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Class 9 Outline

Class 9 Outline - you are used to as a consumer The...

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Principles of Marketing MKTG 301 010 Fall 2010 Reading Assignment for Class Nine – October 28, 2010 The reading this week completes Section Four: Value Creation, which focused on the Product  element of the marketing mix. There is only one chapter.   From the text:  Marketing , 2 nd  Edition, by Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy, you should read  Chapter Twelve: Services: The Intangible Product.  You should read the entire chapter.  You will need to think about services as a marketer, and this may be different that what 
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Unformatted text preview: you are used to as a consumer. The marketer needs to pay attention to a wide range of ideas and how they are executed. • Once you’ve read the chapter, please take a look at the Chapter Case Study: Puttin’ on the Riz (pages 392-4). Even though you will be working on the Preliminary Analysis, be sure you are prepared for class. As a reminder, there is no Connect Homework for this class. There will, however, be a quiz on Chapters Nine, Ten and Eleven....
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