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Principles of Marketing MKTG 301 010 Fall 2010 Reading Assignment for Class Five – September 30, 2010 There are two chapters this week. Each chapter represents an important aspect of marketing, but  each is also different from the mainstream B2C of the rest of the text. These two chapters  complete Section Two, Understanding the Marketplace. Because these chapters are so different, I  suggest you take the time to read them carefully and not try to rush through them in one sitting.  From the text:  Marketing , 2 nd  Edition, by Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy, you should read  Chapter Six:  Business-to-Business Marketing You should read the entire chapter. 
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Unformatted text preview: Please prepare the Case Weyerhaeuser: Serving the Home Building Industry pages 202-4, and review the three questions at the end. You should also read Chapter Seven: Global Marketing . Here, too, you should read the entire chapter. Once youve read this chapter, please prepare the Chapter Case Study, P&G Takes on the World, One Smile at a Time (page 238-9). This case is brief, but I think youll find it interesting. With the specialized nature of these two chapters, we will not spend much time applying the chapters to the projects....
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