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Principles of Marketing MKTG 301 010 Fall 2010 Reading Assignment for Class Six – October 7, 2010 This week there are again two chapters. Each chapter represents an important part of marketing;  we move from the general to the very specific. These two chapters comprise Section Three,  Targeting the Marketplace. A thorough understanding of these chapters is absolutely essential  for the project and the rest of the course.  From the text:  Marketing , 2nd Edition, by Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy, you should read  Chapter Eight: Segmentation, Targeting and Position.  You should read the entire chapter.  You should also read Chapter Nine: Marketing Research and Information Systems. Here, too, you should read the entire chapter.  There will also be some preparation time for the exam. I will bring copies of the first four  quizzes for your review. 
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Unformatted text preview: • You should plan to review them to see areas where you need focused review. • Do not try to copy out the questions or quiz. It simply is not worth your time. • You may not use electronic devices – cameras, phones, laptops, etc., during this period. • You must return copies of the quizzes at the end of the review session. If any exams are missing from the package, you will lose all credit for that exam. These conditions are meant to protect the integrity of the exam process for you and all other students taking this course. If time permits, there will be an exercise to help you apply the chapters to the projects. With two chapters, the exercise and the review, there will be no time for a new case. Please be sure you are prepared for class....
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