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MIS 102 Syllabus 2009 -...

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MIS 102, Fall 2009 (Aug. 31 st  through Oct. 19 th  sections)                Business Spreadsheets (self-study) Instructor: Dr. Jim Hutchison Office: Enterprise Hall 149 Instructor’s e-mail: [email protected] TA email: [email protected] and [email protected] Tel: (703) 993-4697 Meet with Professor or TA: on any lab day just before or after test outside the test lab room (Innovation Hall room 223). No formal office hours…only self study (see preparation materials below). Course Objectives: This offering is a self-study "Satisfactory/No Credit" (1 credit) course designed to exam whether students possess an adequate level of proficiency and comfort with spreadsheets which will form the basis for subsequent higher level courses in the School of Business Management. Also, today’s employers expect their new hire to be proficient in Excel. The students will learn on their own how to enter, update and analyze data appropriate to different business scenarios in a spreadsheet environment while exploring the rich range of capabilities of Microsoft Excel. This course will help SOM students become aware of the uses of this technology in business which is the one of the school’s undergraduate learning goals. Formal Lecture: The only formal lecture will be held on the first day of classes in INNOVATION HALL room 223 to familiarize you with the course content and rules in the lab for taking the exams. Other weekly meetings in the term will be used for taking your exams in the lab or studying. The exam schedule is shown on page 3. You must pass two separate exams to get a “satisfactory” grade in MIS 102. You get a maximum of two attempts to pass each exam . If you fail Exam 1 twice, you cannot take Exam 2 and will get a "no credit" for the course. Required and Suggested Materials:
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This note was uploaded on 01/30/2011 for the course MIS 102 taught by Professor Mazumdar during the Fall '09 term at George Mason.

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MIS 102 Syllabus 2009 -...

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