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ANTH 2100 Hunters Review The land of Africa’s Kalahari Desert has provided the possibility of life for the native hunter- gatherer group the Bushmen for many years. The film The Hunters by John Marshall provides insight into the daily lives of this tribe as they interact with their changing environment. By living among these people Marshall bypasses the outer etic perspective, yielding an understanding behind the tribe’s behavior, values, customs, and beliefs. As the hot arid region continues to evolve with time, resources dwindle into depletion and life fades into scarcity. The film explores the tribe’s constant battle for primitive survival as their environment grows less fostering of human life. The Bushmen people of The African Kalahari could be categorized as a tribal/band society hovering somewhere near the far left of the folk urban continuum. Clothing among the tribe was quite scarce. They perform important dance rituals to cure illness. They crafted their own weapons consisting of bow and arrows and spears. Hunting is very important to the Bushmen
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