but what if the dream come true

but what if the dream come true - Birmingham, Michigan....

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Birmingham, Michigan. First French, then English. Once called piety Hill, because a lot of saloons in the beginning. What America said it always wanted to become. People come looking for possessions, real estate. Will pay with hard work. Most people US success stories. Believe in hard work, getting ahead. Can’t see not having competition. American dream began during the Depression. Ends in Birmingham. “Hope my children enjoy it too.” What we want, isn’t it? What happens when we reach that point? The first family: children in relative safety. Neighbors would be people that they would want to be neighbors. People who have same dreams and goals for children. Children have never known anything but affluence. Children agreed because they are children. Protestant, Protestant ethic. Sam is willing to commute 1.5 hours a day. Dreamed of this life. Has it all now. Faint hint of discontent. Doesn’t think family understands pressure, doesn’t want them to. Knows wife doesn’t understand pressures. He doesn’t fully understand hers. Jane is 39, thinks there must be more to life than she knows in her house. Needs something other than family… House runs without her. Someone comes to clean, pick up laundry. Nobody needs to be home. WooooooWWWW. Jane is out making a world of her own. At first Sam was wanted. Excited at first. Jane resented being in low societal status again. Was higher in Grand Rapids. Jane is not happy either. Women don’t have material problems, but psychological. Identity crises. Meet for sensitivity sessions. Try to find answer to questionable unhappiness. Feel that she can emphasize with other women. Don’t know who they are anymore. People don’t like change. Have to act, be like their neighbors. Everyone worried if they are doing the proper thing. Art show about city. Birmingham Junior league trying to see black experience without
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but what if the dream come true - Birmingham, Michigan....

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