Chronicles.. - Ideal community for growing up and raising...

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“Ideal community” for growing up and raising children. “Civilization man” Synagogue on one end, church on the other, “cutting edge” WOOOOWWWWWWWWWW Clean, safe, “showcase” Park Forest suburb, planned community. Designed to make money. No poor, no rich. Every one on an even keel. I like the editing. Talking, then dramatic music. What suburbia was supposed to be. Brief glimpse of the American dream “Park Forest is or was?” begins with WWII. War is hell. Horrible. When war ended, watched (Harold Gilmore, Jr.) people try to get back home. Aftermath was horrible, trying to get back home. No good experience. The Best Years of our Lives: Ross DeLue. Told wife and daughter to move with family. Find place in Chicago, then they could come. Didn’t realize what housing situation was like. Faced crisis. Tons of vets didn’t have any place to call home. 1/8 families in Chicago in 1947 homeless. People don’t think about housing crises that country was in. “Bedlam” Shirley and Henry Dietch. Everything was expensive. “Rent Control” for renting in apartment. No money to get own place. People taking advantage of vets with no money Park Forest built during that period. Community built out of nothing. Capitialsitic adventure. Brainchild of three men: community for returning veterans. Money, political skill. Saw opportunity. Out in the middle of nowhere Primary goal was to make money. 1 st structures were townhouse/rental units. Had to be veteran to rent. Having children put you towards the front of the list. 1948: construction camp. Nothing there, but apartments were brand new. People were impressed. Everything was new, affordable. No stores. Had to borrow from next door if ran out of something. Had to commute to Chicago. Had to be brave, a certain kind of person. Different than normal. Everyone from out of town, no established hierarchy. Commadradery. “DPs” displaced persons from all over the country.
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1951: selling single family houses. Ideal that own is different than renting. Only one
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Chronicles.. - Ideal community for growing up and raising...

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