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Final last essays - More Review 5. Why did the Industrial...

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More Review 5. Why did the Industrial Revolution come to America and Europe and not Japan, China, India, or the Latin American countries? Use specific historical examples to support your argument. Why did the IR not occur in China? India? Japan? The Middle East (Ottoman Empire)? Arguments o Cultural – Enlightenment foundation Rational inquiry Enlightenment Scientific Method Individualism Letting loose the restraints of dogma Legal advances Work ethic Private Property o Technological determinism Informational infrastructure Legal infrastructure Capital markets Consumer markets Cycles of technological innovation o Geographical determinism (Jared Diamond) Britain: Epicenter for the innovations that comprise the bulk of the of the Revolution Protestant work ethic ? American colonies largely comprised of English middle-classes Indian colony had very few British nationals Indian culture not as open as the British to the creation of capital o Displacement (Marxist) Indian wealth finances British industrialization 6. WWI can be seen as a “convulsion” of European culture. Evaluate this idea by comparing European and colonial cultures before and after the war, then discuss how the war and the wartime experience affect American culture and America’s interaction in the world? Convulsed European culture Drove first wave of decolonization Did not solve the underlying issues Treaty of Versailles – German Blame / Shame Economic catastrophe for Germany Russian Revolution – Rise of Bolshevism Dominance of Firepower over maneuver Emergence of mechanized responses 1
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More Review Fought in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Causes Nationalism + Imperialism / Instability Virulent competition o Alliances “Alliance Treaty System” o Mutual defense pacts “trigger” on certain actions Serbian nationalism v. Austro-Hungarian dominance o (Table of Militarism expenditures) o Militarism (after 1907) Balkan War(s)1912-1913 Prelude to WWI (along with the Russo-Japanese; Boer wars) Demonstrated instability in the Balkan region, weakness of Turkey o Emboldens Russia Austro-Hungary uses the assassination to issue demands to Serbia Assumes Serbia will reject the demands, allow a limited war to crush Serbian nationalism Serbia appeals to Russia for support against Austria Hungary Austria-Hungary appeals to Germany for assistance should Russia intervene and widen the war Plan XVII French Plan to prosecute a war against Germany to recover the coal-rich regions of Alsace and Lorraine Schlieffen Plan Germany plans to swing into France through neutral Belgium and quickly defeat French forces via the flank Russian Collapse The First Russian Revolution, March, 1917 o Unusually cold winter of 1916-17 / starvation
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Final last essays - More Review 5. Why did the Industrial...

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