First Contact Notes

First Contact Notes - In 1930 one million people lived in...

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“In 1930 one million people lived in the Highlands of New Guinea- their existence unknown to the outside world. The first Europeans to encounter them were Australian prospectors looking for gold.” Guy was terrified when first saw a white man. Almost cried. Just a boy. Many had never seen white men, were confused. Didn’t know where came from. Thought leader was going to attack them, so white men shot the leader. Only reason had to kill people was because other people would kill first. New Guinea was one of last places to be colonized. No European had never been to interior. Austiralia saw role as bringing civilization to NG. Was cheap labor. But later there was little to attract white man. Later still gold was discovered. Old movie: great day. Natives will understand benefit, shake off poverty. White man will enable progress to civilization. Eventually men went back to Australia. Some stayed and looked for more gold. 3 bros: Michael, James, Daniel Leahy. James didn’t think was going to stay long. Didn’t like terrain. Didn’t really care for natives. Stayed there for 50 years. Daniel had just left school, in middle of Depression. Just got job working for dairy farm. Wanted to get to NG to work as Michael was. Very excited, almost on way to promised land. Spurred by dreams by another gold strike, turned to prospecting. Looking to interior, where no outsider had gone before. Thought to be uninhabited. 1 million people lived there. Leahy, etal first people to meet natives. Mike was a hard man. Came into territory and became boss. White men looked up to mike as leader. Very kind but very hard at same time. Confident that would find gold. Natives are carrying white men across river. Had to walk 19 miles, then climb 11K feet. Reward was view at top of mountain. Yelling from one mountain to another. Would see that they weren’t the enemy, but
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First Contact Notes - In 1930 one million people lived in...

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