kypseli - KYLEPSI Kypseli: Women and Men Apart. A film...

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KYLEPSI Kypseli: Women and Men Apart . A film essay on the peasant society of Kipseli, a small isolated Greek village on the islands of Thira. Depicts how the people of Kipseli divide time, space, material possessions, and activities according to an underlying pattern based on the separation of the sexes, and shows how this division determines the village social structure . 1973. 41 minutes. Discussion/Forum II. That’s some interesting music going one Greece, 1972 Thera, island. Built on dormant volcano. Exploded 4000 years ago. Volcano still shakes buildings and buries the past, but people continue to build around New customs weave with old. Also form rest of European culture. Ie. Religion, languane, etc. . Phonecian alphabet introduced. Dorians, Spartans, Romans, Christians. Temples consecrated into churches. Byzanitums rulled 900 years. Venice, Turks (influenced music, introduced men’s coffee houses). Then Greeks reclaimed island. Now inhabited by peasants who retain traditional Euro cultural pattern. Kypseli: simple community. World divided into male female, clean polluted, holy profane. Each item and location has definition that places it in harmony with others. Correct way to do everything. Village square is community center. No adult women spend much time n square. Groups standing apart. Woman stay home: activities dominate inside courtyard buildings during the day. Milking cows. Men farm and hunt in surrounds (encircles rest of Kypseli). Men own fields, prefer not to
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kypseli - KYLEPSI Kypseli: Women and Men Apart. A film...

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