RITES - RITES Have nightmares of spiders preying mantises...

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RITES Have nightmares of spiders, preying mantises. Lady was held, tied down, during circumcision. Tried to run away More girls each year. Origins unknown. 26 countries in Africa. Middle East, Asia. Sweden, France, Britain. 75-85 women affects. Most societies talking about mutilation taboo. Somalian woman’s description of circumcision. No medications. Never know whether live or die. No escape. Has to be done. No sympathy for girls. Women perform circumcision. Pinned down, screaming. Dressed in white gown. Woke up tied, lying on floor. Lasted for 7 days. Held together by thorns, not stitches. Some women have to happen again. Married when 16, had to be opened up again. Had this done 1 st when she was 11. No anesthesia. Male is cutting away of skin, not organ. Most common forms practice now is cutting or removal of clitoris. Other such. Infibulations. Cutting away of everything, sewing mostly shut. Practice centers around human history, religion, hygiene, magic, sexual culture, society. Consequences reveal long and hidden history of control of women’s sexuality. Religion, sacrificing body to God. Symbol of whole submission to God. Most religions are patriarchal- reflect that. Belts of honor. Borrowed from animal practice. Women couldn’t defend own honor. Not to be trusted. Chastity belt. Purification. Purification from male organ. Clitoris is male organ in a female body. Original scientific approach. When cut clitoris, purify female body from male organ. Uncircumcised woman will run after men. Unsatisfied sexual appetite. Some doctors
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RITES - RITES Have nightmares of spiders preying mantises...

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