Chanelle, Sabrina, and the Oboe

Chanelle, Sabrina, and the Oboe - Lecture on Chanelle...

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Lecture on Chanelle, Sabrina, and the Oboe 1. Sabrina’s trouble Most philosophers say that we are not really free. And everything we do is caused by what happened in the past. In other words, everything that happends is just the product of past conditions and causal laws and given those causes it couldn’t happen otherwise. 2. Chanelle’s argument (1) Not only physical events but also human acts are completely caused. (2) If everything we do is caused, every detail is set by past causes, everything we do is determined, we still act freely. (3) Although the choices we make have causes, and ultimately those causes strethc back to factors –our early childhood, mabye our genetics which we didn’t choose or control, it is still our choices. Therefore, we are acting freely. (4) Just acting from our own desire isn’t really enough for an act to be free. If the desire is not really our own and if it is not one we approve of and identify with, we are not acting freely. (5) Determinism is different from fatalism. Fatalism is just the belief that you have a fate, a destiny that is
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