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Phil 1050 Introduction to Philosophy Spring 2009 Lecture Notes on Ethics of Care Part 1 Fundamental Thesis of Care Ethics Women have a different moral perspective from that of men. Women understand that the fundamental moral obligation is that we ought to interact with persons in a caring way. The goal of caring acts is (1) to address the needs of the one care and (2) to nurture an ethical ideal in the one cared for so that he or she in turn becomes a caring person. Part 2 Critique of Traditional Ethical Theories (1) They try to find universal moral principles which cannot cover complicated moral life. (2) They put too much emphasis on rationality as the sole source of moral understanding. (3) They overemphasize autonomy. Part 3 General Features of Care Ethics (1) It focuses on particular situation. (2) It emphasizes the role of emotion in moral understanding and moral behavior. (3) Human beings are not isolated by nature but social beings. Part 4 Nel Noddings’s Care Ethics
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