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PHIL final essays - 1. Please use examples to explain...

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1. Please use examples to explain Sartre’s concepts of anguish, forlornness, and despair. Give your comments on those concepts. Anguish : Addresses responsibility Anguish is a fear of an individual’s freedom, and with that freedom comes responsibilities. Anguish, from responsibility, is a part of action. And that action includes other individuals as well. Example : A military officer who takes responsibility for a battle and sends those under his command to their deaths. It was his choice alone, and he chose to do so. The choice had value, namely in the fact that it was chosen out of a slew of other possibilities. Forlornness : God is dead-address God does not exist, and as such we must face all the consequences. There is no reference from which Good extends, for there is not perfect consciousness that exists from which to make the Good. But since God does not exist, man is able to be free. Example : A young man living during a war. He wishes to avenge his brother who was killed in battle, but does not want to leave his mother because she is alone and her son is all she has. There are no ethics or standards on which to base his choice, so he must chose. And he must also bear the consequences for his choice of action. Despair : Relationship to hope; do nothing? We restrict ourselves to calculating only the probabilities that make our actions possible. Probabilities, however, are only to be calculated insofar as to the point at which the action is consistent with the possibilities. Example : Reality exists only in action. Man is nothing but what he makes himself out to be, he is nothing more that his actions. Human goodness coming from strangers, or the thought of human goodness existing in the future, cannot be relied upon. In sum, if man never endeavors to try, to take action, man will never gain anything.
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2. What is a good life based on Confucius, Buddha, and Aristotle? Give your comments on each theory. What is a good life for you? CONFUCIUS
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PHIL final essays - 1. Please use examples to explain...

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