PHIL final - Short Answer 1. What is the fundamental...

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Short Answer 1. What is the fundamental message of Confucius? Morality can neither guarantee success, nor does it have an assured reward. So, one should pursue morality for it’s own sake. 2. What are the metaphysical questions? (At least 3) (1) What is really real? Is the world we experience real or an illusion? Dao De Jing, Plato’s Forms, George Berkeley (2) Are we free or determined? Law of causality or morally responsible? Robert Blatchford, Jean-Paul Sartre (3) What am I? I am a thinking mind…? Descartes, Eve Browning Cole (4) Who am I? (5) Are religious claims true? 3. Please explain John Rawl’s statement, “Undeserved inequalities call for redress.” This comes from the Difference Principle, which states that inequalities in the social and economic realm should meet two factors: 1. Everyone should have an equal opportunity in the job market, and 2. The least advantaged members of society should obtain the greatest possible benefit from these positions. Those that are the least advantageous, or those that are discriminated against, hold the right to the same liberties and opportunities as everyone else. If that is not the case, action should be taken to ensure that basic liberties are given. 4. What is good life according to Socrates? “An unexamined life is not worth living.” We should not follow the norm, not just follow what others have told us. We should ask questions, think for ourselves. In life we should contemplate, examine our beliefs and ourselves. A good life is one in which a person remains open-minded to new possibilities. 5. What is moral virtue according to Aristotle? Please use one example to
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PHIL final - Short Answer 1. What is the fundamental...

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