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Reading Quiz 8

Reading Quiz 8 - cave upon first viewing the fake objects...

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Reading Quiz 8 NAME:______________ Spring 2009-4-14 Part I Multiple Choices 1. By Form Plato means______________. A. images B. the fire in the cave C. visible objects D. essence 2. For Plato, a just society is one in which____________. A. there are no classes B. merchants rule C. lovers of wisdom are the rulers D. there is total democracy 3. Which of the following constitutes a difference between “the many things” and the forms? A. “the many things” are visible (objects of sight) B. “the many things” are invisible C. the forms are visible D. “the many things” are intelligible (objects of thought) 4. The sun and the Good are alike in so far as the Good makes _____possible just as the sun makes sight possible. A. imagination B. knowledge C. opinion D. faith 5. Which of the following is an example of an image in Plato’s sense? A. the concept of a triangle B. the number four C. a picture of a smiling cat D. a smiling cat 6. When comparing all the allegory of the cave to the divided line, the prisoner in the
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Unformatted text preview: cave, upon first viewing the fake objects, would be like_____________. A. the philosopher contemplating the forms B. the mathematician solving a problem C. a person understanding the Good D. someone coming to have beliefs or opinions about objects of sense 7. Education, for Plato is__________________. A. the art of putting the capacity of sight into the mind B. the knowledge of how to put the capacity of reasoning into the soul C. the art of imparting new information to people who are ignorant D. the art of cultivating understanding of the good 8. When comparing the allegory of the cave to the divided line, the cave is to the realm outside the cave as the _____________is to the intelligible. A. the visible realm B. the sun C. the intelligible realm D. the forms Part II T or F 9. ( ) For Plato the best and most real things are the eternal or most permanent. 10. ( ) According to Plato, the just life is worth living because virtue is its own reward....
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