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Reading Quiz 9 - B whether God exists C whether morality...

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Reading Quiz 9 Phil 1050 Introduction to Philosophy Spring 2009-4-22 Part I Multiple Choices 1. Hard determinism refers to a position that holds___________________. A. determinism is hard to understand B. determinism is incompatible with free will and moral responsibility C. simple determinism is false D. a science of human behavior is impossible 2. According to Blatchford all human behavior is the result of _________. 3. Most philosophers agree that free will depends on_______________. 4. For Blachford, an act of free will is___________. 5. For Blachford the key to the free will/determinism debate is__________. A. what causes us to make the choices we do
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Unformatted text preview: B. whether God exists C. whether morality still makes sense D. whether only human beings are free 6. For Blatchford, the appearance of free choice_____________. A. is grounded in fact B. is the result of competition between desires over which we have no control C. is very easy to dispel D. is essential to maintaining social stability 7. According to Blatchford, why is all praise and blame undeserved? A. because God works in mysterious ways B. because of fate C. because no one can do otherwise than they did D. none of these choices Part II T or F 8. In each of Blachford’s examples he appeals to heredity and environment to explain the hypothetical behavior in question. 9. Blachford explains a person’s hesitation between two choices as a conflict between temperament and training. 10. According to Blachford, everyone but the insane should be held responsible for their behavior....
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