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Study Guide for Final Exam Short Answer Questions (I will select 10 questions from the following 15 in final exam) 1. What is the fundamental message of Confucius? 2. What are the metaphysical questions? (Please list at least three questions.) 3. Please explain John Rawls’ statement, “Undeserved inequalities call for redress”. 4. What is good life according to Socrates? 5. What is moral virtue according to Aristotle? Please use one example to explain his concept of moral virtue. 6. How do we know the right thing for us to do according to Kant? 7. What are the Four Noble Truths? 8. Please use one example to explain John Rawls’ second principle of justice? 9. According to Tom Regan, animals have inherent value. What is his argument? 10. What, according to James, is a genuine option? Give an example. 11. What is the relationship between happiness and virtue according to Aristotle? 12. What is the Tao according to Lao Tzu?
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Please explain the first principle of existentialism by using your own words. 14. What am I according to Descartes? What is the difference between mind and body according to Descartes? 15. What are some of the motivations, according to Cole, behind the philosophical discomfort with the physical body? Short essay questions (I will select two questions from the following five) 1. Please use examples to explain Sartre’s concepts of anguish, forlornness, and despair. Give your comments on those concepts. 2. What is a good life based on Confucius, Buddha, and Aristotle? Give your comments on each theory. What is a good life for you? 3. What is the relationship between Plato’s Divided Line and Allegory of the Cave? 4. What is the similarity and difference between Clifford and James? Give your comments on it. 5. Summarize three passages from Dao De Ching and give your comments on each passage....
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