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Emily Cole HIST 1060.002 01.25.10 Brian R. Price Nation-State : A sovereign state or country contained by defined borders. Usually consists of only one nationality. Economy : The gains and subsequent uses of a society’s earnings. The organization and management of a society’s resources. Reformation : Change in the hopes of improving a system. Also a religious movement in 16 th century Europe. Revolution : Whereby the subjects/citizens of a governed area rise up against and overthrow the reigning government or political system. Technology : Area pertaining to the use of tools and other such material objects used in daily living. Can help a society adapt to changing times. Ideology
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Unformatted text preview: : A set of beliefs relevant to a particular individual person, group of people, society, or culture. Oftentimes it is political in nature. Military Revolution : Change in European warfare sometime around the Early Modern Period. Came with a change in military technology, such as gunpowder (cited from www.militaryhistory.suite101.com). Gunpowder : An explosive substance invented in China. Revolutionized the use of weaponry. 1453 : The year the Middle Ages ended, as seen by those who place the medieval period amid the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire. (cited from www.wikipedia.org). Also a book by Roger Crowley...
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