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For this assignment, the idea will be to do a comparative essay on two academic books of your choice. Alternatively, you can do a single important primary source. These books may relate to any of the topics below, or you may suggest a new topic and get approval. You will read and review these books, looking for their main argument and assessing how well the authors make their points. You should: 1. Discuss the (usually opposing) arguments 2. Discuss the evidence upon which each author uses for his or her evidence 3. Which author made a more convincing argument? 4. Assess which argument makes more sense to you, and why Topics should relate to the interaction of cultures during our timeframe. Or, they can focus on a non-American topic. They could focus on social, religious, military, political,
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Unformatted text preview: artisticetc. The choice is yoursthe idea of the assignment is to bring the material close to your area of study and integrate it better. You may either choose secondary works (analyses), or primary sources that relate to your topic. No specific length, but 4pp. minimum. Double-space, 11 or 12 point serif font, 1 margins. Format should use Turabian style. THis is important Footnotes put in at the bottom of the page. Turabian styles uses FOOTNOTE (not MLA) style of notation. Like this: to support this idea, the author cites oral histories and diaries 1 Not MLA like this: To support this idea, the author cites testimonies of Li Zheng (Tanner, 1997). Bibliographies will probably be very short 1 First Name Last Name, Title , City: Publisher, year...
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