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Ray Kurzweil Arguments 94: Core element: The Curve of exponentially increasing technology is rising smoothly, as if on rails. It is in command, in his view, and unstoppable . Everything flows from that. He sees The Curve as a force of nature. He sees it as an extension of evolution . He does not particularly see The Curve as something humans chose to create. Like evolution, it is simply a pattern of life to be recognized, the outcome of billions of small actions. He calls it “The Law of Accelerating Returns.” In his view, nothing any one country or collection of countries can do will deflect or even slow it down. Forget oil shocks or climate change. The only possible limit he sees is a complete and catastrophic collapse of civilization or the extinction of the human species, worldwide, and he only inserts that as something of a rhetorical footnote. 95: sees The Curve as a voyage of tiny advances. “Each application is a relatively small, noncontroverisal, benign step… We get from here to these more revolutionary scenarios through a hundred steps like that.” 95: political energy doesn’t slow down the “most narrow approach,” when it comes to stem cell research. “It is simply being pursued by others outside the United States in places such as China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Scandinavia and Great Britain, where scientists will probably get there first, he notes.” 96: “even though we can’t be absolutely sure what is going to happen and how these scenarios will play out, these basic trends are so strong—we need to appreciate their existence. They really do reflect a future that is going to be very different.” 127: definition of human nature: “that species that seeks to extend its own horizons—that
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Ray Kurzweil - RayKurzweilArguments 94: Core element: The...

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