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HIST 2620 test1 - HIST 2620 Notes Antietam o Lee wanted to...

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HIST 2620 Notes Antietam o Lee wanted to capitalize and bring war to Northerners, hoping to end war o All expected Lee to win, had he won slavery would still exist o Reference point changes meaning of War o Battle: September 17, 1862 o 6300—6500 dead soldiers o 15,000 wounded; 3000 horses killed o More men killed than in all other wars o No separation between military, civilians o 1 of 2 times Lee/Southerners invaded North o In Maryland Western (part of Union) just above VA o “Battle of Antietam” name given by North; “Sharpsburg” name given by South o 1 st battle ever photographed, by Matthew Brady; made war REAL o War has to mean something big; everyone thought South would win, set to recognize o Lost Order: Lee’s battle plan, wrapped around 3 cigars, all officers had copy o One messenger lost plan, two Northern men found Lost Order, gave to McCellan o Lost Order= draw; Lee retreated, called “strategic victory” o Impact with transformation of family; shifts to death needs meaning on earth, not heaven Emancipation Proclamation; 13 th Amendment o Lincoln called cabinet meeting, said issuing prelim-emancipation proclamation o If couldn’t call battle victory, couldn’t issue EP o Freed all slaves in Southern states in war with the Union o When the Union army came by, slaves joined Union lines o War to preserve Union became war of emancipation o America was a Slave Republic o Army until the Civil War= Army to preserve slavery; Now Army of Liberation o Why EP: (1) Hated slavery, (2) Because it is just o Lincoln could only free slaves under war power, only as war measure o Congress drew up 13 th Amendment says same as EP o Ended 3/5 clause for the purpose of counting blacks o Only covered 11 states, only in those who committed treason 13 th Amendment : Abolished involuntary servitude everywhere in the US; declared that Congress shall have the power to enforce this outcome by “appropriate legislation.” o Emerged from long congressional debate and petitioning and public advocacy Robert E. Lee; Jefferson Davis o Lee: Official title “Army of N. Virginia” o Surrendered, detained 2 hours, allowed home o President of Washington College, introduces engineering o Dies in 1870, Washington-Lee University= Unification o Acceptable, accepts defeat o Villain of South, “Lost only important war” Davis 1
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HIST 2620 Notes o All committed treason, Davis only one tried o In prison 2 years o Inspiration for KKK o Captured at Inoninville, on way to Mexico o Started guerilla war, became CSA hero, wouldn’t accept defeat o As long as South kept JD as hero, North wouldn’t accept reconciliation Nathan Bedford Forrest; Fort Pillow o North of Memphis, North had; guarded by black troops o South wanted for back; took back under Nathan Bedford Forrest o NBF: Slave trader, only way to escape poverty o “Grand Wizard” of KKK o Blacks surrender, CFeds killed all of blacks chained, burned, castrated and stuffed in blacks mouths o Became cry for blacks “Remember Ft. Pillow”
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HIST 2620 test1 - HIST 2620 Notes Antietam o Lee wanted to...

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