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Our Nation’s Heritage Ch. 1: Impeach Johnson! By Joshua Zeitz After Civil War, 2 important tasks: 1) Bring southern states back into the Union under terms favorable to all the states. 2) Address the social, economic, and political needs of the recently freed slaves. Common historical conception: lacks accuracy Johnson deserved impeachment: openly defied will of Congress and trampled on rights of American citizens. Defiant and treasonous conduct. William Dunning: Starts contemporary understanding of Johnson’s impeachment Johnson acted to readmit rebel states to the Union and to draw back into public office men who had committed high treason against the US. Reps passes series of laws and a constitutional amendment guaranteeing former slaves fundamental personal and economic liberties
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Unformatted text preview: Later passed act dividing the South into military districts and implementing martial law • Violated Freedman’s Bureau Act, Test Oath Act; Military Reconstruction Act Canceled out notion of martial law, refused to execute statutes enacted over his veto • Violated the Tenure of Office Act (required Senate approval to remove Cabinet members). Steamrolled impeachment • Colluding with enemies of the Union to block the fed government’s rights as victor to dictate terms of peace • Inciting violence against Congress • Usurping the Supreme Court’s powers of judicial review • Failing to take care that the laws be faithfully executed • Trampling upon the individual rights of newly freed slaves...
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