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Technology - -How was TOU successful-WTUL= Women’s Trade...

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HIST 2620 Lecture Notes Technology 1. Birth Control Pill --Developed independently in 1959, approved in 1960 --Not in colleges, not for single women --Sexual Revolution: Occurred without pill --Around late 60’s: Demand for pill on campus, for single women= Cultural Revolution --Premarital= engaged --Nonmarital= pre-marriage, not intending to wed --Moved from pre- to non- marital 2. Telephone Dial: 1921 --Before dial= operator --Phone invented in 1876: Operators were males, phone comes out of telegraph --Phone companies thought males impolite, hired young women (married women not allowed to work) --Workers oppressed, low pay: Women organized union --TOU: Telephone Operators Union; 1 st women-led in USA --No help from men --AF of L: American Federation of Labor Women’s place was in home, impossible to organize women (average work= 3 years; Men= lifers)
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Unformatted text preview: --How was TOU successful?--WTUL= Women’s Trade Union League= Upper class women--Money for strike funds--1919: Strike in New England= no communication--Brought phone company to its knees; gave 28% pay increase--Split trick: Work only when it’s busy Women formed social networks during breaks--Almost all Catholic women--Spent 10 or 12 years in workforce (Deferred Marriage)--Why deferred marriage?--Ireland most densely population Euro country--Agri culture, had to have land to marry--Sexual repression--How did they come to America?--Saw domestic service as opportunity no one else wanted--Jumped at phone operator jobs--When Irish left domestic service, blacks took over (but they were married)--Rise of household tech (standards go up)--Rise of couple (privacy) 1...
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