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HIST 2620 Lecture Notes Teddy bear 1. Why does it rise when it did? 2. Why did everyone (middle class) have one for kids? 3. Why couldn’t have been developed earlier? 4. Were not developed then, why not ever? 1. Huge crises in middle class manhood --19 th Century= independent, own person --Identify through work intrinsically satisfying, expressive --Industrialization= big business, consolidation, national economy --No more small entrepreneurs, middle class man works for corporation, not individual; working for group, conform to group --How define now --Rise of working out Look like a man --Rise of soft feelings for babies --Rise of dude ranch, further manhood --Rise of den: man’s room --Rise of Western novel: Boone and Crocket Club
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Unformatted text preview: --Roosevelt: Safaris, trustbuster--Went on hunt, came across bear cub but let it live--FAO Swartz: Man Little Bear Sent “Teddy bear” to TR--Coolidge: No manhood pursuit? 2. Along with Development of Crib--Every parent with crib has teddy--Why did crib arise? What does it mean?--Cradle before crib--Cradle has rocker, always with mother, family--Crib was stationary, no one rocking it--Rise of children’s room; rise of nightlight; rise of the couple (privacy)--20 th Century: Century of the couple; rise of dating--Find new way of looking for family--Good earner, virtuous woman 1/1000 marriages end in divorce--Deepest fears: separation= terror 1...
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