US History to 1865 HIST Finals essay

US History to 1865 HIST Finals essay - HIST Final Essay...

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HIST Final Essay Questions 2. A. 1820: Missouri Compromise (Henry Clay) 1. Resolutions a) Maine=free state; Missouri= slave state b) Maintained balance c) Exclude slavery north of 36/30 2. Result B. 1850: Compromise of 1850 (Henry Clay) 1. Resolutions a) Admit Cali as a free state b) Organize NM and Utah territories w/out restrictions on slavery, allowing residents to decided for themselves c) Deny TX its claim too much of NM d) Federal Gov pay pre-annexation TX debts e) Keep slavery in DC f) Get ride of the slave trade across its boundaries g) More effective fugitive slave act h) No congressional authority to interfere with interstate slave trade 2. Debating a) Calhoun: South wants acceptance of its rights: equality in territories, fugitive slaves returned, equilibrium twixt sections c) Taylor opposed, Taylor/Clay fighting urged split of Whig party 3. Final Version: Stephen A. Douglas a) Cali as free state b) TX-NM Act: NM= territory, TX boundary set at present location; TX given $10M for debt c) Utah Act, set up territory, omitted reference to slavery d) New Fugitive Slave Act, under federal jurisdiction, good for slave catchers e) Slave trade gone in DC (but not slavery) 4. Results: Millard Fillmore a) Left little on which to focus on pro-slavery agitation b) Cali state fact, tended to elect pro-slavery men to Congress
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US History to 1865 HIST Finals essay - HIST Final Essay...

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