US History to 1865 Quiz 4

US History to 1865 Quiz 4 - CHAPTER 16: CHILDREN of...

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CHAPTER 16: CHILDREN of DARKNESS by Stephen B. Oates --The greatest uprising by slaves came in Southampton County, Virginia, August 22, 1821 --Led to a general tightening of controls, rising fear of anti-slavery and abolitionism in the North --Jerusalem: on the bank of the Nottoway River, 70 miles south of Richmond --The average was around 3-4 slaves per family --Tolerance: slave schools, illegal religious meetings --Boasting: slavery not harsh in their “enlightened” state as in cotton plantations of Deep South --Revolt: bloodiest slave insurrection in southern history, had a profound and irrevocable impact on the destinies of southern whites and blacks --Nat Turner: Came of age confused and resentful; both whites/blacks said he was too intelligent to be raised a slave, but he was an adult and still enchained, betrayed by false hopes --Accepted as Baptist preacher in slave community, church nourished Turner’s self-esteem and desire for independence --Status as preacher gave much freedom of movement, disappeared around 1821 --Married Cherry, sold to differed masters (Giles Reese, Thomas Moore) after Sam Turner died --Began to have apocalyptic visions and bloody fantasies in the fields and woods --Voice: “Such is your luck, such you are called to see, and let it come rough or smooth, you must surely bare it” didn’t understand --Revelation: Lights of Saviour’s hands in sky, as they extended on the cross for redemption of sinners certain Judgment Day fast approaching --People said he had a special knowledge of the seasons, rotation of the planets, operation of tides; still did not know mission --May 12, 1828: Sign “Should take it on and fight against the Serpent” Now it was clear --Announced to Thomas Moore that the slaves should be free, but told no one else --1829: Joseph Travis was Turner’s new master --Feb. 1831: Eclipse of the sun, sign Turner was waiting for --Posse: Hark, Henry, Nelson, Sam, start “work of death” on July 4 (but Turner got sick) --August 13: Atmospheric disturbance made sun dim, then change colors. Later it looked like a ball of polished silver. Then a black spot could be seen on the sun’s surface --Black spot proof that God wanted Turner to move --May have planned to establish a stronghold in the Great Dismal Swamp --Travis home first target --When Putnam Moore died, Turner felt free --Margaret Whitehead: Turner’s first and only kill --Reached Jerusalem highway: 15 homesteads ruined, 60 killed 50-60 rebels --Gov. John Floyd alerted militia and sent forces to county --Ambushed when going to Dr. Simon Blunt’s farm; Turner escaped and hid around Travis farm, hid for more than 2 months near Cabin Pond. Discovered by Benjamin Phelps --Uprising ended Tuesday, August 24
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US History to 1865 Quiz 4 - CHAPTER 16: CHILDREN of...

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