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Food Webs vs - – Inefficient energy transfer • 10 of...

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1/31/11 Food Webs vs. Food Chains Food webs are more accurate depictions of an organisms place in a community Animal may enter the chain at more than one place Bears eat squirrels (predator) and berries (herbivore) Animals at successive trophic levels tend to be larger
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1/31/11 Limiting length of Food Chains Most food chains (derived from food webs) are only 5 or 6 links long
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Unformatted text preview: – Inefficient energy transfer • 10% of energy stored in organic matter is converted to organic matter in the next level – 100 kg plant material to 10 kg herbivore material to 1 kg of primary carnivore • Dynamic stability hypothesis – Long chains are unstable • Changes at lower levels are magnified at...
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