Chapter 14_Police Work With Juveniles

Chapter 14_Police Work With Juveniles - Chapter 14 Police...

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Chapter 14: Police Work With Juveniles History of Juvenile Policing Providing specialized services for juveniles is a new concept ( pg. 460 ) 1930s August Vollmer August Vollmer was the most famous police reformer Vollmer instituted numerous reforms including university training, modern management techniques, prevention programs, and juvenile aid bureaus 1960s In the 1960s policing entered a turbulent period LEAA funded justice-related programs, was a catalyst for hundreds of new police programs and enhancement of police services for children ( pg. 460 -461 ) 1980s Most police departments recognized the need to deal with delinquents ( pg. 461 ) Community Policing Policing strategy that emphasizes reducing fear, organizing the community, and maintaining order rather than fight crime Important to improve relations with juveniles Juveniles do not think highly of officers African American ranked lowest of police ( pg. 462 ) 15% of African American males did not trust police 57% of Whites thought they were honest Community Policing Model Community policing model of crime prevention is that the police can carry out their duties more effectively by gaining the trust and assistance of concerned citizens. If the community trust and are willing to assist the police, then police can be more effective and useful within juvenile justice ( pg. 462 )
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Strategy used by law enforcement in order to refute for, out wise community & gain trust of citizen have occurred Look at causation Community Oriented Policing (COPs) ( pg. 463 ) Philosophy that focuses on addressing the underlying problems of why incidents Youth’s firearm violence initiative (YFVI) ( pg. 463 ) The Police and Juvenile Offenders Increase in serious juvenile crime has made it obvious that the police can no longer neglect youthful antisocial behavior (pg. 464) Responses vary by department Protective custody cannot exceed 48 hrs Med or psych care Police Services May be provided through special unit, all officers are responsible for juvenile (pg. 464)
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Chapter 14_Police Work With Juveniles - Chapter 14 Police...

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