Chapter 16_Juvenile Corrections

Chapter 16_Juvenile Corrections - New York is only State...

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New York is only State doesn’t allow juvenile waivers Chapter 16: Juvenile Corrections Categories (pg. 530) Community treatment Institutional treatment Suppression effect: A reduction in the number of arrests per year of youths who have been incarcerated or otherwise punished Juvenile Probation Probation: Nonpunitive, legal disposition for juveniles This is main form of community treatment It is believed that youths do not present a danger Historical Development Juvenile Probation began in Massachesutts Massachesutts was the 1 st state to have a reform school for juveniles Vermont has lonestrant, Wyoming has highest Massachesetts Experience Probation is still the favored disposition because they can be supervised in community allows court to tailor a program to each juvenile officer Contemporary Juvenile Probation The Nature of Probation A contract between the court and the juvenile (pg. 533) Probation is often used for an indefinite period (pg. 533) Adjudicial order Organization and Administration of Juvenile Probation Duties of Juvenile Probation Officers Involved in four stages of the court process
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Chapter 16_Juvenile Corrections - New York is only State...

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