Chapter 7 - membership of ~750,000 members 12 We know that...

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September 29, 2010 Being a member of a gang or joining a gang is not illegal Chapter 7 1. Know definition of gang 2. Gang 3 R’s a. Reputation Respect and Revenge 3. Know all the definitions on the 1 st page 4. Gangs get power is through violent behavior 5. Also get power through how they establish their reputation 6. Know the types of gangs, specifically, the traditional, nontraditional and compressed 7. Compressed is the most common type 8. There are also various categories of gangs ( be able to distinguish ) 9. Gang leadership – there are leaders, hard core members, regular members, and wannabes aka fringe members 10. The one legalized gang we saw on video is made up of 7,000 police officers across the country it is called the blue knights 11. It has been estimated that in 2008 there are 30,000 gangs in the U.S with a
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Unformatted text preview: membership of ~750,000 members September 29, 2010 12. We know that one way they communicate is through graffiti and tattoos 13. 5 reasons that individuals join gangs are: 1. Structure 2. Nurturing 3. A sense of belonging a. Fulfils a need to be accepted 4. Economic opportunity 5. Excitement a. Usually in affluent youth 14. Know the difference between vertical prosecution and horizontal prosecution 15. Also know the means to deter gang membership 16. Acronym GREAT 17. What experts consider to be Americas most dangerous gang 18. So much so that the FBI has started an anti gang initiative---this is known as TAG 19. In 2008 California passed a state law which allowed cities to sue gang members for the financial damages gangs cause the communities September 29, 2010...
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Chapter 7 - membership of ~750,000 members 12 We know that...

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