G.E. Moore and Skepticism

G.E. Moore and Skepticism - show that the skeptic cannot be...

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“Where’s Moore?” PHIL 2010: Introduction to Philosophy Dr. Jessica N. Berry THE BIG QUESTION : COULD MY EXPERIENCE OF THE WORLD BE JUST AS IT IS EVEN IF THERE REALLY IS NO EXTERNAL WORLD? Does this question make sense? YES NO Can it be answered? NO YES ACCEPT DEFEAT: Embrace radical skepticism—the view that we cannot know whether there is an external world. HOW ? Give an ARGUMENT to show the skeptical thesis (that we cannot know there is an external world) is FALSE. Give an ARGUMENT to
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Unformatted text preview: show that the skeptic cannot be proven false, but that we are justified in setting his thesis aside. Don’t give an argument at all. Just be DOGMATIC. Embrace a position called POSITIVISM, the view that a sentence is meaningless if we cannot say what would prove it or falsify it. On this view, ALL of the following sentences are meaningless: 1. Green ideas sleep furiously. 2. This sentence is false. 3. God exists. 4. I am justified in believing there is an external world....
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