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Post Lecture Reason and Faith Notes - Philosophy 2010...

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Philosophy 2010 Introduction to Philosophy Notes on Reason and Faith Lecture Most of the material on arguments on the PowerPoint presentation is fairly complete, but a summary of the criticisms of certain reasons for belief in God is appropriate. Keep in mind that these responses to the arguments are not reasons to disbelieve in God, but only objections to reasons people sometimes give that one should believe in God. Authority—No authorities on existence of God. Not universal—different religions involve different authorities Since different people in different religious traditions rely on different sources of information (say, different religious texts), one cannot present an argument from such authorities that is equally reasonable to everyone. Religious texts often make false claims. When one believes an authority, it is only rational to do so when the authority tends to be accurate, to have a track record of accuracy. But many religious texts make false claims about science (e.g. the origin of humanity and the universe), history (e.g. the time or means of foundation of certain cities), and morality (e.g. that putting people to death for being witches, committing adultery or having homosexual sex is morally correct). Hence, we cannot rely on the accuracy of these texts to be a reason to accept further claims from those texts (e.g. about the existence and nature of God). No way to prove divine authority without begging question.
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Post Lecture Reason and Faith Notes - Philosophy 2010...

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