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mgmt lab - motivated by monetary incentives than by her...

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Ogunbiyi Abdul-Rasheed Assignment #2 Part 1: 1a. I would first ask her to come to my office or somewhere private, then I would commend her on her exemplary work before I start talking about how she should comport herself in relation to her coworkers. b. Just like with Kate, I would commend him on his hard work, but in his case, prior to meeting with him I would try to discover what is causing his underperformance so that I could discuss it with him and try to cause more efficiency in his work. 2. With Katie, I might expect her to be defensive and with Ryan, I would expect him to be hurt considering he did work hard. I would deal with each effectively by being descriptive of their flaws so that they understand what I need of them specifically. Part 2: 3a. Tara’s motivational approach was not positively valenced, the workers were more
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Unformatted text preview: motivated by monetary incentives than by her certificates. This is most likely because the workers have different needs which caused most of them (those motivated by money) to not complete the task. b. Tara’s motivational approach had a defective reward system. To foster goal commitment; she needed to have rewarded the employees with something they thought was good enough to earn that commitment such as the money they highly valued. c. She could motivate them by offering monetary rewards for reaching the goal she set and them continuously motivate them by publicizing whoever is getting close to the goal so that the spirit of competition is embedded in the culture. She could also continuously provide support and feedback so that the goal could be reached a lot easier....
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