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1a. Delta Sigma Pi -The business fraternity at George Mason- has three core values which are Professionalism, Community Service and Brotherhood and they are embedded in different ways. Two of these ways include making it a rule for Professional events to be held every month so that each member can be constantly reminded of how to be professional in a business setting and also on how to network. The second way the value was embedded in the culture was through constant social events called “Brotherhood events” where bonding was fostered and familial feelings are developed. 1b. An espoused value for the fraternity is the GPA requirements which are 2.67, they are enacted most times but can be a mis-match when a candidate is very motivated but does
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Unformatted text preview: not meet the requirements and still gets accepted. 2a. 1. They could be thought of as dishonest, insincere or fake 2. They could be thought of as insensitive and self-absorbed b. I walked into a room where my friends were talking about how one of our friends had barely survived a car accident, I didnt notice the looks on their faces or their body languages and then I kept joking around even though they kept giving me hints that something was wrong until I was told out rightly. I demonstrated low self-monitoring, and although my antics lightened the mood eventually, it made it awkward at first....
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