History March 2

History March 2 - Roman Republic 500 BCE 30 BCE Roman...

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History Tuesday March 2, 2010 The whole process= portugese expansion to the 19 th century colonization> globalization Process today reinforced by internet International bodies: World bank $ IMF World court, the hague United Nations Amnesty International Doctors without Borders G20 summits Driving forces behind 19 th century imperialism and colonization Industrialization Philosophy of Liberal Economics Nationalism> competition Imperialism: defined by the above Nostalgia for the Roman Empire Cherry-picked Social-Darwinism Driving forces behind 20 th century native activisim Transferred western education: ideals of John Locke $ Enlightenment philosophy Representative government Accountability of government to the people Basic human rights and labor rights Classical socialism (and its various offspring) Nationalism: reassertion of native cultural identity Decolonization: retreat of colonial powers post WWII
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Unformatted text preview: Roman Republic 500 BCE 30 BCE Roman Empire 30BCE- 500 CE Late Antiquity (inside Roman Empire) 300CE- 50CE Characteristics of EMPIRE CENTRALIZED SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY: Oligarchy- elite few Monarchy-Theocracy- religious elite Aristocracy-Plutocracy- rule by wealthy CONTROLS OVER ECONOMIC ACTIVITY Production and distribution ENFORCEMENT OF SOCIAL CONTROLS AND WILL OF SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY Use of military and religion TENDENCY TOWARD EXPANSION NETWORK FOR IMPLEMENTAION OF SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY Bureaucracy and military Roman Republic 500BC 30BC Defeat of the Etruscans Creation of the Republic Invasion of the Celts 390 BCE Expansion in Italian Peninsula (concomitantly to the east: from Greece, the rise of Alexander the Great 320s) Gracchi Reform Strong-man rule The Triumvirates Roman empire 30Bc- 500ad Late Antiquity 300ad- 500ad...
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History March 2 - Roman Republic 500 BCE 30 BCE Roman...

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