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ROME Judea Evolution of Christianity from Judaism Second TRIUMVIRATE 40BCE Herod flees to Rome Augustus (30BCE-14AD) Jesus of Nazareth born c.3-6BC 4BCE Herod dies : Julio-Claudian dynasty Herod Agrippa in Galilee Tiberius (14-37) execution Jesus of Nazareth c.29-33AD Caligula (37-41 ) Jewish persecution of Judeo-Christians : ( St Stephen c34 ) expansion of Christianity from Judea Claudius (41-54) ACTS Nero (54-68) 64 appoints Sanhedrin as intermediaries with Levantine Jews builds the Domus Auriae Peter and Paul executed 66 desecration of synagogue of Caesarea > The Great Revolt Flavian dynasty Vespasian (69-79) The Great Revolt ends Titus (79-81) Domitian (81-96) Antonine dynasty : start persecutions of Christians Nerva (96-98) Trajan (98-117) resurgence of Jewish resistance : Hadrian (117-138 ) Kito’s War Antoninus Pius (138-161) Bar Kokhba’s Revolt Marcus Aurelius (161-180 ) Christian Apologists: ex. Justin Martyr c.165
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Catacombs 40s - 70s AD Expansion along Trade routes: 40s 100AD Settlement & employment APOSTOLIC FATHERS : Clement of Rome c.96AD Ignatius of Antioch (35-110AD) 100-200AD Localized persecution: often thinly disguised property grabs Marcus Aurelius (161-180) the APOLOGISTS: Greek Philosophy to explicate Christian faith Neo-Platonism: Origen (185-254AD) 235-313AD Persecution by imperial proscription: era of the Barracks emperors
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slides_late_antigue_medieval - ROME Second TRIUMVIRATE...

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