MarketingPromotionsAssignment - Aflac(American Family Life...

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Aflac (American Family Life Insurance Company) has offered insurance policies to businesses and individuals since it was first founded in 1955. Since 2000, Aflac’s identity has been more easily recognized by the use of the “Aflac Duck”, which recently has been shown in their commercials. The ducks quack seems as if it is saying “Aflac, Aflac”. Aflac has adopted the Duck as their creative character hook. Although the duck is not a hero, villain or victim, he is a character/object that is widely recognized and associated with the brand. Even today, the Aflac Duck is known as one of America’s favorite Advertising icons. Aflac has also introduced two slogans, one being “Get the Aflacts”, (Get the “facts”) which was designed to be cleaver, yet educate potential consumers about the benefits of the insurance products and policies this company sells. The other incorporates the Duck again by claiming; “We’ve got you under our wing”. These have helped strengthen their overall message strategy and make their
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MarketingPromotionsAssignment - Aflac(American Family Life...

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